I've got a webservice using Zend_Soap_Server (along with AutoDiscover
and WSDL from the Zend Framework).

I used DocBlocks to describe my code and I can happily produce the
developer level documentation for the classes (55 classes dealing with
authentication, supplying data and versioning).

I would like to be able to produce end-user documentation which is
pretty limited in scope as it only needs to document the calls/methods
that they can make via SOAP and not to show the internal workings
(which is what my developer level documentation is showing). I'd like
to be able to generate the documentation automatically (like

So, can I build documentation from a WSDL file?

The WSDL file contains <documentation> tags. I'd like to be able to
add documentation to the complex types (not sure that is possible via

Ideas, suggestions, links, experience, etc. would be gratefully received.


Richard Quadling.

Richard Quadling
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