Andrew Ballard wrote:
> I am editing a data file via ODBC, and would like to be able to
> download the updated file in the same transaction when finished. It
> seems, however, that even after calling odbc_close(), PHP still
> retains a lock on the file for the duration of the request. Is there a
> way to get PHP to release the file? (Ideally, I'd prefer to work in
> memory and/or streams altogether rather than saving the changes to a
> file, but I'm not sure that's possible with odbc_connect.) I guess if
> I have to I can issue a redirect to a second process that would
> download the file, but I'd prefer having to pass a one-time URL to the
> browser where it will end up in the history.
> Andrew

I would redirect back to the same script and use a get parameter or a
session var and an if to tell if you should update the file or download it.


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