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> ""Hansen, Mike"" <> wrote in message 
>> Is there a PHP Best Practices Book, Document, or web site that has 
>> information similar to Perl Best Practices but for PHP?
> Yeah, it's hard to find this stuff.
> A google search on {+"Best Practices" +"PHP"} returned only
> 4,340,000 hits.
> Maybe, some day, someone will think to write something up.

The problem with this method is that scanning these results reveals
conflicting and contradictory recommendations that are all over the
place. Some are so old they may not even be valid PHP any more. Reading
even a small subset of these pages is an exercise in frustration. But
that makes sense as there doesn't appear to be any consistency nor
consensus within the community, or even within some of the larger

Speaking of consensus, based on a recent discussion on the Perl
Beginners mailing list, the Perl Best Practices book is now considered
to be deprecated among the active Perl community. Many of its
recommendations are obsolete and no longer used. It is long past due for
a major rewrite.

Bob McConnell

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