I'm moving all of my dynamic image generation to svg.
Not only does it look better, but it is less resource intensive on my server allowing me to generate the svg on demand instead of pre-generating (via cron) twice a month like I had to do with gd dynamic generation.

However, some browsers *cough*IE*cough* do not support SVG, so I still need png or gif fallback (I'll decide which after investigating size difference).

Example SVG to convert -


Using convert from ImageMagick in the CLI is fast enough that I may just use the ImageMagick php module and do the fallback dynamic for the IE users, but I've run into a bit of a snag - it seems that ImageMagick doesn't understand xlink.

IE running

convert --size=800x574 map22.svg map22.png

on above file results in a nice pretty map with the county and text, but the colored hexagons are not displayed.

Is there an easy way around this? IE a php class/function that understands SVG w/ xlink and can replace the use tags with the polygons they refer to? If not, I'll have to try to write one, but I'd rather not ...

Thanks for suggestions. It is too bad ImageMagick doesn't understand the use tag and xlink, that is one of the more useful features of SVG that I have personally found, makes dynamic generation so much easier.

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