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> Hi all
> I am fairly new to the forum but I have a question that maybe I could get
> some input on, I have a client that is looking to run a new informational
> site. The basis of which allows visitors to post up their events or
> functions for free, the site will be geographically based by area, ie one
> for New York one for New Jersy etc.
> End user posts their article for their restaurant or gig bake sale etc, they
> can post pics and video as well as text all for free. site needs to include
> advertising areas for the income revenue stream portion of the site so would
> need rotating banner ads and headers etc.
> My client has been advised to use Xoops, I have not used xoops before, I am
> familiar with CMS from using Magento but obviously this is more leaning
> toward e commerce than informational. The site needs to be self managing as
> far as content, just with a moderator approving the postings. any feedback
> or maybe suggestions as to any other OS or PHP driven I could look at using
> or implementing for this site would be greatly appreciated. I need something
> stable and also expandable as there are many major corporate sponsors in the
> wings for this project, ie AT&T, Dell etc etc
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Drupal, joomla or Wordpress could fit the bill nicely



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