Michael A. Peters wrote:
Martín Marqués wrote:
A few days ago I upgraded my development server with PHP 5.3, and
found that some pear packages stopped working giving FATAL ERRORs,
like this (this one is from package Image_Graph):

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method
Image_Graph_Plotarea_Element::Image_Graph_Element() in
/usr/share/php/Image/Graph/Layout.php on line 73

I found that the problem is when calling the parents constructors like

Changing that fixes the problem, but there are alot of clases with
this problem.

Are these problems being addressed?

I found similar problems with some of the pear stuff I use when I tried
5.3.0 awhile back. For the present, I am just sticking with 5.2.x branch
and will give some time for the various pear maintainers to work out the

One thing you can do is file bug reports with the pear components you
use. I did not because I moved my test server back to 5.2.x thus I would
have no way of testing whether the fixes actually worked, but if you
have a box you can dedicate to 5.3.x testing, file the bug reports and
it will bring the problem to the attention of the pear maintainers.

Some pear packages are better maintained than others.

It is not just PEAR that needs a lot of work to make it compatible with PHP5.3 !
pecl needs some TLC as well, along with a large number of projects providing third party add-ons, or using PHP.

We need to keep 5.2.x supported as a switch to PHP5.3 IS NOT a simple option, and will take a lot longer before it is a practical one for many users.

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