Kannan wrote:
           I am creating a application for our college using the
php.In that i want to send mail to all who are all the list.

For that i am just simply use the mail function in php without
configuring any mail system in the system.But the mail didn't send.
For sending the mails wat are requirements and if u have any tutorials
send it to me?



Read the manual page for the mail() function ...


Mail() requires an operating SMTP server.  This can be set
in php.ini, and possibly via the ini_set() function.  These
might be worth looking into:

$config1=ini_set(sendmail_path,"/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i");

If you absolutely can't run an SMTP server or use a
remote server, you'd probably have to hack something
together with sockets or streams.

My $0.02,

Kevin Kinsey

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