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> Hello List,
> I am using the math function exp( $arg )
> http://php.net/exp
> ... using argument values ranging between 0 to 1500.
> When I get into larger numbers, such as 750, the function returns an
> undocumented "INF".
> Presumably the "INF" means the number exceeds processing capacity. It would
> be nice to know the official explanation.
> At any rate, I want to capture the "INF" so that I can indicate to my users,
> in a friendlier manner, that capacity is exceeded.
> How?
> Please also cc my address on your reply, with thanks,
> Sincerely,
> Esteban
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You can use the is_infinite() function. It's not entirely undocumented
though. See http://php.net/float. Basically you'll get INF when you
exceed the range according to the IEEE floating point standard.

Daniel Egeberg

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