Thilo Klein wrote:
Kevin Kinsey schrieb:
Andre Polykanine wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm writing a class to send mail via an SMTP server with authorization.
Everything seems to work but I get an EHLO error:
554 SMTP synchronization error
Where should I look to avoid this?

Be polite :-D

Make sure your class waits for the other server's greeting
before you send HELO/EHLO.  ;-)


Kevin Kinsey

He is polite. You are not.

I'm afraid that you've misinterpreted at the very least.

I'm not accusing him of being impolite, but saying that
what is probably happening is that his script is sending
HELO/EHLO before the receiving server sends its greeting.

I"m comparing that to talking when you should be listening,
which is impolite in general conversation, at least where
I live.

If Andre really thought I meant he was impolite, I apologize.
I did not.  That is, incidentally, the reason there is a
"smiley" there.

Also, I have to beg this question:  if I am impolite,
then why am I the only person who has attempted to
answer his question thus far?  ;-)


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