AFAIK Apache 2 doesn't support virtual hosts for SSL.

But you may use one cert per socket, e.g it is possible to set one cert up on port 447 and one on 8080.


Jochen Schultz

Manuel Lemos schrieb:

on 03/08/2010 07:13 PM Skip Evans said the following:
Hey all,

I have an Apache virtual config running a bunch of sites, one with SSL.
I finally have a need to add SSL to one more, but when I do the first
one (which is further down the file) comes up "untrusted".

Since this is pretty far off topic I'd be obliged if someone who has
configured this before can email me off list for some assistance.

AFAIK, you need to have a different certificate per domain, although
there are certificates that can be used for all domains.

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