Andrew Ballard wrote:
I'm not sure you would want to assign null to $client->system. After
all, __set() might not be defined.

I agree with Rob here. If order is really crucial, then call the
statements in the correct order:


 * causes $client to call __get() in order to resolve
 * 'system'
$system = $client->system;

 * You should add some handling here to make sure that
 * $system is really an object that implements your
 * multiCall() method, and not something else (like null).



I agree with both of you. If you want it ironclad and you cannot change the API, then this is how I would do it. The point is that I _can_ change the API, but I like how simple it looks. The backup plan is to do something like:


The only problem with this is that I'm polluting the $client 'namespace' with a __defer method. And it looks less clean... :)

Now if the consensus is that you absolutely cannot rely on the execution order in this case (not for the order in which function parameters are evaluated, I don't care about that) then I will just change my API and remember with fondness what I could not have...

Auke van Slooten

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