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02-Feb-2007 10:31
If you want to get a part of an array to manipulate, you can use this function

function &getArrayField(&$array,$path) {
  if (!empty($path)) {
    if (empty($array[$path[0]])) return NULL;
    else return getArrayField($array[$path[0]], array_slice($path, 1));
  } else {
    return $array;

Use it like this:

$partArray =& getArrayField($GLOBALS,array("config","modul1"));

You can manipulate $partArray and the changes are also made with $GLOBALS.

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Rene Veerman <rene7...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi..
> I've got a db-insert command array that's several levels deep..
> Let's abstract this as:
> $wm[$idx1][$idx2][$idx3][..etc] //$WorkMemory
> Several of my helper functions need to work on the "original,
> top-call_level" $wm.
> So i pass it as &$wm, and have the helper function declarations accept
> it as such aswell.
> Some of the $idxN vars are in an array $pathToDBcmd ($idx3, $idx4,
> ...) in some of the helper functions.
> Now i need to change a variable deep in the original, top-call_level
> $wm, but with some of the required indexes in $pathToDBcmd..
> I can't use something like
> $wm[$idx1][$idx2][$pathToDBcmd[0]][$pathToDBcmd[1]] because i dont
> know what count($pathToDBcmd) is..
> Tips will be much appreciated..

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