Also you should think about  writing those files  a memcache or something.

That way   the image can expire but you're not wasting a lot of cpu cycles,
aka   500 hits to the site at the same time would be  very  intensive, but
if someone hit the site 10 minutes ago with a  700 ttl,  the would load the
image instantly from ram ;)

Also a method I like is 

class thumbnail  {

 function __construct($baseFileName){
     if (!file_exists(THUMBS."/".$baseFileName)
     return $this->outputThumbContents($baseFileName);
 function outputThumbContents($sFileName){
     //Reads file and echo its  header/contents

Which of course you could make  check a  memcache location instead or
memcache,file,then build if neither is present. :)


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Subject: Re: [PHP] Drawing Images Without Writing To a File

On Thu, 2010-03-11 at 10:27 -0500, Floyd Resler wrote:

> I want to draw tabs in a tab bar without having to actually write the
images to a file.  Is it possible to generate the image and send the data
back and make the browser think it's loading an image file?  I know this can
be done by sending the proper headers back for an entire page, but I just
want to do basically the same thing for just part of the page.
> Thanks!
> Floyd

Have the image tag call a script which generates the images based on
parameters in the filename:

<img src="image.php?param1=something&param2=something_else"/>

Then you can have PHP read in the GET data and generate any image you


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