Hey, folks  ---  -

I have a new system going "live" shortly. Unfortunately, through some client delays (and mine, too, I suppose), we are butting up to a vacation I have planned.

My client would like to have a *local* resource PHP person, in case, well I don't know, the whole system starts randomly launching ICBMs toward world capitals or something.

So: anyone interested in being a backstop for me over the rest of this month, and a possible replacement in case the client sends a hit-man after me, please send me a note off-line.

Some Details:

 -- St. Paul/Minneapolis area

 -- PHP 5.2x

 -- MySQL 5

 -- OOP design, using data objects and an application object

 -- "Interesting" construction, in that I use a MySQL
    table as a screen controller object.

 -- Shopping site, home-built shopping cart. Low volume.

 -- Session-based, no cookies.

 -- Home-built Orbital CC processing module


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