Martine Osias wrote:

I need to store variables to send then between pages. I don't need the variables in a database so I try to send them with sessions. The variables don't seem to be there when I try to get them. What could be the problem. Here are the pages where I store and retrieve the variables.

Page 1 (variables stored):



$_SESSION['scripture_text']  = $row_scripture['ScriptureText'];
$_SESSION['scripture_ref']  = $row_scripture['ScriptureRef'];

Do sessions work at all?  Something simple, like


echo '<a href="b.php">Click me</a>';


echo $_SESSION['test'];  // should say "foo"

     ... would be a good 1st test.

If that works, I'd suspect that $row_scripture['ScriptureText']
and friends are empty.

If it doesn't, I'd suspect a combination of very strict
browser privacy settings (disallow all cookies) with lame server
config (use_only_cookies), or that session support is missing
or disabled.



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