> I'd like to know
> - what type of hosting and OS the 2 databases are running.
> - if they're (staying) on the same machine, and if not: whats the
> available bandwith (up&down, low&peak) between the machines? any cost
> to that bandwith?
> - if you have admin rights on both databases.
> - how often you need to do this and for how much data (in Mb)

Thank you all for your replies. 

I will leave you with more details, but, I believe the "single query
approach with two PDO (or mysqli) connections should be quite well. Both DB
are on the same server, Linux based one, but different dsn should apply. 
The bandwith cost will not be an issue, because we are talking about 15MB of
data, or something similar. 

I don't have admin rights but I can try to have them if I must to.
I believe this will be a single time, or, one in a long time run but, we can
never predict. 

The destination table also has some random data filled fields that I need to
generate and introduce with the old data on this new database.

Wondering if mySQL Migration Toolkit can do the job?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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