You can set the name to display as you see fit, just change $filename
to your liking right before the header() call. If you just want to cut
the path, use basename($filename)


On 14 March 2010 21:29, Php Developer <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using the following code:
> ____________________
> $fp      = fopen($filename, 'r+');
> $content = fread($fp,
> filesize($filename));
> fclose($fp);
> header("Content-type:
> application/msword");
> header("Content-Disposition: attachment;
> filename=$filename");
> echo $content;
> exit;
> ___________________
> Now when downloading a file the default name that appears for the user is
> the realname of the file i the server with the real path the only
> difference is that the slashes are modified by underscore.
> My
> question is: is there any way how to control the name that will be
> displayed for the customer? Or at least skip the path and display just
> the file's name?
> Thank you
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