Greetings all,

I'm currently looking at building a web application, however I've run into
an area of development I've not come across before. The web site in its
basic form allows users to send cars from a point and then the car will
arrive at another point. When the car is set on its way, the start time,
travel duration and end time are all known and stored in a MySQL database,
what I would like to happen is that an event is triggered on the server at
the end time and then an e-mail is sent to the user. This should happen
regardless of whether someone is browsing the website or not.

I don't believe that I'll be able to solely use PHP, I have spent the
afternoon trying to look at potential solutions but I have to admit I've
drawn a blank. Google hasn't been helpful (64 pages so far), as any searches
related to "event handling" bring up a load of JavaScript tutorials/help for
'onclick' events etc. I have searched through the PHP documentation and
found "libevent" ( ), I don't
believe that is what I require (although in all honesty the lack of
documentation on it means I'm quite in the dark as to its purpose). Another
potential candidate I came across was a PHP/Java bridge
( ), whereby I could use the java
virtual machine, register events with it and then callback PHP scripts,
although this seems extremely long winded.

I was hoping that someone might have some experience with this kind of issue
and could point me in the right direction. I'm sure I've missed something
right in front of me. 


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