Op 3/15/10 8:24 AM, Midhun Girish schreef:
> Hi ,
> Just as David Hutto has said,What you need is the cronjob... Make a script
> say "check.php" which checks the db to see if any new entries are made...
> and if yes send the mail ...
> now using the cronjob feature in linux os(which will be provided as a
> service in your linux hosting cpanel), set a cronjob which calls the "
> http://www.yoursite.com/check.php"; URL every minute.... now a trigger will
> be there every minute to the script and the emails will be send irrespective
> of whether anyone is browsing the site or not.... hope it is clear...

use cron - yes
have cron call a web URL - no, instead just call the script via the php CLI 
e.g. a cmdline as follows in cron:

/usr/env php /path/to/your/check.php &> /dev/null

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