On Mon, 2010-03-15 at 17:23 -0700, Daevid Vincent wrote:

> Oh. I know it's not a simple solution to do right Ashley. And exacerbated
> by the fact that each array dimension can have different dimensions as
> well. This is why I wanted someone else's solution first before I spend
> hours or days on one that works reliably. :)
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> From: Ashley Sheridan [mailto:a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk] 
> Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 4:44 PM
> Subject: Re: [PHP] Need routine to tell me number of dimensions in array
> The only way to do it reliably would be to iterate the entire array,
> element by element, as all the elements of an array might not necessarily
> be all of the array type or int's.

Best way I can think of is to iterate the entire thing and keep a count
as you do. I'm not aware of any functions that can do what you need


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