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Borlange University wrote:

> i have a problem of reading values from excel file via
> spreadsheet_excel_reader which is a php class used to manipulate excel
> files.
> $data = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader();
> $data->setOutputEncoding('CP936');
> $data->read("d:\\tmp.xls");
> $rows=$data->sheets[0]['numRows'];
> $cell = $data->sheets[0]['cells'][1][1];
> if i type many rows,say 1000, in the tmp.xls, it can read, $rows shows 1000,
> however, 1000 rows of data are copied from another excel file and these
> cells may have different background or other changes that differ from normal
> cells, it fails to read.the variable $rows shows nothing....what i can do
> now is to split these data into small groups, small enough to be read, it
> really takes plenty of time.
> i dont know why, has somebody met this problem ever?

If it's just the data you need, try using a csv file instead. The Excel
format is closed, and as such, the PHP classes won't have full support
for all of it's features. It seems like formatting is causing the data
to be written to the spreadsheet differently maybe.


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