On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 15:19, Richard H Lee <rich...@webdezign.co.uk> wrote:
> p.general,
> I have a form with 75 or so file input controls: <input type="file" ...
> Usually when I submit the form, I only upload two or so files. So in the
> post request, it sends the two files along with the other blank 73 fields.
> This has been working fine on my live and test servers so far.
> However as of the past few days only the first 20 file fields are recieved
> on the live server. I saw this by dumping the $_FILES array. This does not
> happen on the test server. I can see all 75 file fields been sent across in
> the POST header in wireshark, but but only the first 20 appear in the
> $_FILES array.
> Has anyone come across this problem of the $_FILE array being truncated? I
> don't recall changing anything on the live server.
> Richard

Check out max_file_uploads which was added in PHP 5.2.12 and defaults to 20.

Daniel Egeberg

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