I have a script that connects to an external database to process about 4,000
records. Each record needs to be operated on pretty heavily, and the script
overall takes about half an hour to execute. We've hit a wall where the
script's memory usage exceeds the amount allocated to PHP. I've increased
the allotted memory to 32MB, but that's not ideal for our purposes.

So my thought is, would it be more efficient, memory-wise, to read the
database entries into an array and process the array records, rather than
maintain the database connection for the entire run of the script. This is
not an issue I've come across before, so any thoughts would be much

Thanks in advance.

Richard S. Crawford (rich...@underpope.com)
Publisher and Editor in Chief, Daikaijuzine (http://www.daikaijuzine.com)

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