I've browsed wikipedia, sf.net and google for code & papers on what is
commonly known as NLP.

I haven't found thesaurus software for native php/mysql, wordnet which
is apparently the leader, provides os-native apps, and "db files"
without db structure and not in any sql format (looks like cvs without
the commas but i'm not sure yet).
When i asked princeton staff about sql releases they simply replied
"we dont do sql here". Which i find a bit strange..
Easiest thing for me to do is write a conversion script that puts
their "db files" in mysql, and work from there.

My search on sf.net turned up empty too, all of the projects with
relevant descriptions have just the name regged, no code releases.

>From reading http://www.go4expert.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35,
"Introduction to Natural Language Processing(NLP)", i gather that NLP
as it is results in much ambiguity on several levels of it's

It's an interesting problem though, and probably a profitable one, so
i'm going to spend some time trying to come up with something better
from scratch.

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 12:04 AM, Rene Veerman <rene7...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi..
> I'm building a newsscraper -> portal.
> Fetching, parsing and storing many links to news items per hour was
> not much of a problem.
> Translations between languages can be done via google, so that wont be
> much of a problem either i suspect.
> I dont want to reveal too much of my business idea, but i do need to
> do text-analysis, to group related items, and make "suggestions"
> lists.
> I've had a dabble with creating my own ontology structure (kinda like
> a dictionary + thesaurus datamodel) by scraping existing ontology
> websites, but needless to say natural text analysis is a huge field.
> One that i'm a total noob in.
> So in the first place, I'm looking for any free/paid useful existing
> data-mining / text-analysis code that can be run easily from php.
> TBH i dont even know my feature-requirements really, i'm interested to
> know what's available.
> In the second place, i'm looking for free and published-for-a-cost
> data-mining / text-analysis papers/books that explain how to produce
> useful results.
> Thanks for your input.

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