just for fun, i figured i'd check out the current PHP development
stream.  however, if you read the web page here:


there's no mention of the "trunk", simply references to branches such
as 5.2 and 5.3.

  i popped over to:


and, sure enough, there's no "trunk" directory.  am i just missing
something?  because if i click on the "PHP 6" link up there on the
right (which represents exactly what i'd expect for the URL of the
trunk), bad things happen:

  An Exception Has Occurred

  Unknown location: /php/php-src/trunk
  HTTP Response Status

  404 Not Found

thoughts?  i'll assume this is just a temporary thing but, in any
event, if the trunk is normally available, the PHP svn page should
really mention it explicitly, not just the 5.x branches.


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