Hi all.  

I have a busy conference season coming up, and will be giving a number of 
presentations that involve code, specifically PHP.  I am going to want to put 
code onto slides in OpenOffice (3.1 specifically, using Kubuntu 9.10), but to 
date I've never figured out a good way to do that.  Anyone know of a good way 
to do syntax-highlighted code in OOo?

Things I've tried in the past:

1) Just throw code onto the slide, no highlighting.  This works, but is ugly 
and harder to read or demonstrate what I am doing.  It's my usual fallback.

2) Screen-shot from a web page that uses syntax highlighting, such as PHP's 
built-in highlighting.  Very difficult to prepare since the sizing is usually 
all off.  Ugly.  Very difficult to edit and change because the screen caps have 
to be regenerated.  And PHP's default coloring for highlighting frequently 
clashes with the slides and looks godawful on a projector.  (I once ended up 
with blue text on a black slide.  That was a major fail.)

3) Jump out of the slides into an IDE.  Works, but totally breaks the flow of 
the presentation.  The IDE usually also has text that's way too small, and I 
have to reconfigure it into a "presentation mode", often on the fly. It also 
makes discrete snippets harder to show, since there's still the entire rest of 
the IDE there.

I don't like any of these options. :-)  I don't know what the alternative is, 
though.  Ideally I'd love to have a custom text region or format or something 
that is "take this and highlight it properly", but I don't know if such a 
plugin exists.

I could be talked into using KPresenter / KOffice instead if that would be 
easier, but as I am on Linux I have no access to KeyNote or PowerPoint.

Any suggestions?

--Larry Garfield

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