King Coffee wrote:

I'm executing a third-parity standard PHP application on a Windows IIS 7 shared hosting server.

I need to convert, or use, a SMTP mailer service. I found two SMTP PHP scripts - I think may work.

The PHPMailer project and the (Mail, Net_SMTP) project.

Can any body please help me choose one and probably give a code snip of useage?

Currently, I'm leaning forward the PHPMailer, with little to base the decision on.


I'd take a look at
It doesn't make the mistake of muddling the differnece between the message envelope and the message body, so you can set the recipients directly and different from the messages to/cc/bcc headers. It has a fairly sane design, based on the smtp protocol. And finally it uses exceptions in a sane way. Oh, and its a fairly small and straightforward piece of code, easy to include in any application.

There's one problem in it when using it for bulk-mail. If you add many recipients and one of them is incorrect, it will fail the entire message.

It's not free for commercial use, but the one-time license fee is more than worth it.

Auke van Slooten

(And no, I'm not affiliated with the author, just a happy customer).

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