Hi There,
  I currently use .htaccess files to override the include path, which works
great for me... One of my concerns was the portability of the code, and the
possibility of not having control of http.conf....

I'm now in the process of porting some of the sites onto a winnt architecure
(but still using apache as my webserver...). The contents of some of these
.htaccess files looks simelar to:

php_value include_path

unfortunatly, apache for windows would prefer the format somewhat like:

php_value include_path ".;c:\web\site\php-lib;c:\php\whatever\includes"

(note the use of ';' rather than ':' as well)

So my question, is whats the best way to make the site's as portable as can
be? I assume that i could go thru _all_ the code and make include references
relative rather than relying on the config to find include()'s.... Any

Aaron Bennett

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