On 03/24/2010 05:31 PM, jose javier parra sanchez wrote:
I have already answer that on the other thread, but anyway
http://nanoserv.si.kz/ , or use the web webserver made with it
http://nanoweb.si.kz/. And thinking about your 'requirements', avoid
mysql from that equation. There are other faster alternatives in the
SQL world. Or even better think about an alternative like mongodb that
scale really well.

2010/3/24 Rene Veerman<rene7...@gmail.com>:

As a way to take a few steps back from the kinda heated "when will php
grow up and support threading" thread, i'm requesting you people list
how you scale from 1 server to many servers; what's called cloud

In particular, i'm interested in how to set up an application that
deals with great amounts of input from many 3rd-party servers, and say
a million concurrent viewers who need html calculated from those input

So this goes beyond 1 mysql server, and beyond 1 php server.

Let's hear it, coz quite frankly i have my doubts about php's ability
to scale to cloud computing.

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Even recent PostgreSQL offer much more better speed and performance as compared to MySQL. No I'm not joking about it or telling this just by reading articles on the web.

Its my experience. I moved my drupal site from MySQL to PostgreSQL (all latest) to see a huge performance boost. :)

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