On 24 March 2010 15:51, Robert Cummings <rob...@interjinn.com> wrote:
> Yes you can do that also, you seemed to want constructors though :) As for
> misused... variable parameters with mixed types is common enough that I
> wouldn't call it misuse. It's succinct and solves a problem. Look at the
> printf() family of functions.

As multiple constructors were a no-go, I wanted an alternative. As I'm
working on this, I'm getting feedback from other people. The connector
needs to be a singleton - this is currently missing from the original
app. Something I wasn't told! (Well, maybe someone may have mentioned
it once). The static "constructors" (for that is what they end up
doing) along with the appropriate singleton logic would seem to
suffice and be a perfect match.

Thanks for all your help.

I'm trying to learn ZF as well as port this unfinished app.



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