On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 3:13 PM, Robert Cummings <rob...@interjinn.com> wrote:
> Rene Veerman wrote:
>> talk to me about this some other time.
>> atm i'm having an argument with per and his kind about their very very
>> annoying behaviour of determining my toolset for me.
>> keeping a thread on topic is also ettiquette from the mailinglist rules
>> eh?
>> you might wanna consider just how much it pisses me off to have strangers
>> determining my toolset and/or lifestyle for me.
>> that's why i got rude. no other reason.
> Umm... you or your boss/client chose PHP. That means one of those two
> determined your toolset. Maybe next time you might want to pony up for a
> requirements analysis to determine if the toolset is right for the job.

you've never heard of feature-creep, changing environments and
requirements, etc?

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