On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 10:05 PM, Ashley Sheridan

> So you're basically saying that you'd discount anyone who opposes you
> purely because you think you know best?
> Nice attitude.

I ain't saying that at all, nor did i intend to imply it.

In fact it's the anti-threading/shared-mem camp that thinks they know
everything best with their instistance that "throw more hardware at it, more
sql servers, more programming languages in a single project" will solve all
software design / growth problems with enough efficiency.

In this case, you still haven't given me any other reason to oppose the
evolution of php with the market trend, other than that it would cost
php-dev team time that can be spent on other things.
you (that camp) haven't even told me what features you want 'm to spend time
on instead.

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