Daevid Vincent wrote:

> Well, since I was the one that started this shit-storm, I'll chime in
> for a minute... ;-)
>> If you added threading to the bag of tricks it already has, you're
>> getting into areas that make it more difficult to pick up for
>> beginners (and that's not to mention the technical elements involved
>> in actually adding threading to PHP) Currently the only other 'easy'
>> language I know for  beginners is ColdFusion, and that's just
>> horrible. You wouldn't want to be responsible for sending the newbies
>> down that path would you?! :p 
> I'm sorry. I didn't realize PHP was designed for "beginers".

There is something about the entire environment that makes coding PHP
for a webpage attractive to beginners.  The runtime is your
web-browser, you don't need to compile anything, you just edit, and hit
F5. Combine that with weak typing and an easy syntax, and you've got
something that is easy to pick up. 

Contrast that with perhaps Java and j2ee, a language and a framework
often used in large, long term projects with long life expectancies -
not really a beginners sandbox.

> You all think to shallow and narrow minded. You keep thinking in terms
> of using PHP as simply a web language. You need to think in terms of
> using it like Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, C/++, etc. Computers do a lot
> more than just spit out web pages these days. I know most of you seem
> to only think in terms of "the cloud" and other stupid technologies
> like that, but there's a great big world of computing that doesn't.
> There's no reason that PHP shouldn't be a viable language to use in
> those arenas either.

PHP is perfectly viable for those areas today.  I wouldn't personally
use it for anything non-web unless it is less than 1000 lines.  My
experience has taught me not to (not just PHP, any script language).

> Spot on again. I have maybe 12 YEARS of PHP expertise, knowledge,
> libraries, tools, code snippets, etc that are battle tested and
> hardened and improved constantly. Now I'd have to toss all that out
> just to write some things in a language that has threading --
> something that is a given in most EVERY other language.

Actually, most don't have it built-in, it usually comes in separate
libraries and is an operating-system feature, not a language feature.
Two notable exceptions I can think of are Ada and PL/1. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (11.4°C)

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