Daevid Vincent wrote:

> Was that someone me? I do that. And if you don't, then you're the kind
> of person I would not hire (not saying that to sound mean). 

If you do, I'd would be careful about hiring you.  To me, optimizing for
microseconds in PHP means loss of focus.

> I use single quotes instead of double where applicable. I use --
> instead of ++. I use $boolean = !$boolean to alternate (instead of
> mod() or other incrementing solutions). I use "LIMIT 1" on select,
> update, delete where appropriate. I use the session to cache the user
> and even query results. 

Most of that is just sound practice, not optimizing, imho.  Optimizing
is what you do later.  

> I come from the video game world where gaining a frame or two of
> animation per second matters. It makes your game feel less choppy and
> more fluid and therefore more fun to play.

Well, if you were writing PHP video games, I can totally appreciate
optimizing for microseconds. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (11.4°C)

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