As I understand things, one of the main issues in the "When will PHP
grow up" thread was the ability to issue multiple queries in parallel
via some sort of threading mechanism.

Due to the complete overhaul required of the core and extensions to
support userland threading, the general consensus was a big fat "No!".

As I understand things, it is possible, in userland, to use multiple,
non-blocking sockets for file I/O (something I don't seem to be able
to achieve on Windows http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=47918).

Can this process be "leveraged" to allow for non-blocking queries?

Being able to throw out multiple non-blocking queries would allow for
the "queries in parallel" issue.

My understanding is that at the base level, all queries are running on
a socket in some way, so isn't this facility nearly already there in
some way?



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