> On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 08:45:19PM -0400, David McGlone wrote:
> > Does anyone have any experience with authorize.net?
> >
> > I have a test account with authorize.net and I have written a script to
> > use the checkout of authorize.net but I keep getting this error:
> >
> > 3|2|13|The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is
> > inactive.||P|0|||45.99||auth_capture||||||||||||||||||||||||||
> > C6625114C7C848C859D5D0C446C1F7CE||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
> >
> > and this error:
> >
> > 3|2|13|The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is
> > inactive.||P|0|||0.00||auth_capture||||||||||||||||||||||||||
> > F68A9C87C1E1472521704EF38C21F647||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
> >
> > I have checked and rechecked my login ID and password with no results.
> >
> > The code is spread across 3 files config.php, authorize_net_request.php,
> > and test_authorize_net.php and I have posted these files to pastebin
> > because I didn't know if I could post the code here.
> >
> > Could someone give these files a look over and see what I've done wrong?
> >
> > The pastebin URL is:
> > http://pastebin.com/5xacghDR
> Last time I encountered an error like this with an e-gateway, the
> problem was that, despite what I thought, the account was actually
> inactive. It wasn't authorize.net, but I'm betting that your gateway ID
> and password are fine, just like mine were. I had to call them to find
> out the account was, for some reason, deemed "inactive".

Thank you Paul. I'm going to check into that. I was thinking I typed something 
wrong. I compared my pages of code to the code in the book and couldn't find 
anything, so I started wondering if the book was even correct.

Another thing I find odd that makes me wonder if I did this correctly is when I 
compare the error I get with my test transaction to the successful test 
transaction in the book, I notice it says "auth_only" on the left side and 
"prior_auth_capture" on the right side but, both of mine says "auth_capture"

I found the example I'm working on at google books here's the link:

It is on page 646

David M.
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