On 03/27/2010 09:58 AM, Vishal Rewari wrote:
Dear PHP community,

I am vishal, I have recently started development in PHP

I have come across these PHP frameworks:

    1. Codeigniter
    2. Symphony
    3. CakePHP
    4. PEAR

Please guide me which one of them is *good in performance ? available
functionality ? Easy to use and configure* or the one you would recommend
according to your experience.

My DB is MySQl, or should I stick to native call from PHP?

Since you're new to PHP, you should not directly start off with frameworks. I agree, using frameworks makes the job infinite times easier, but as a learning point of view, you should first try to build some applications (not to sell or freelance!) from scratch without using any frameworks. You can of course use minimal PEAR packages.

This way you will get a lot to know how to write efficient PHP code. Yes this will take time, but in future you may be one of the best developers coding PHP out there !

Lastly, PEAR isn't a framework, though combining various packages out there you can make one :)

First try Zend, its the easiest to use as far I've seen.

I have tried Symfony too, but I found it a little tougher to start with.

Nilesh Govindarajan
Site & Server Administrator

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