On 03/27/2010 11:13 PM, Gary wrote:
I have a manual input field to add a date on a form.  There is another
manual input field to add number of months (This is for a loan
agreement).I am trying to add the two together to get an ending date. I
dont think I am close, can anyone poimt me in the right direction.


$pay_date = new DateTime($_SESSION['pay_date']);

$end_date = new DateTime($_SESSION['pay_date']) +

echo $end_date->format("m-d.Y").'<br />';

date_add($pay_date + new DateInterval($_SESSION['loan_length']));
echo '<br />'.$date->format("d-m-Y");


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Add time in Unix Timestamps. Then format it using strftime.

Also to format inputted date time in the form, check in php manual, to convert dates to timestamps (i forgot the func. name).

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