Hi Parham,

Long term, I would suggest viewing this as an ideal opportunity to move
to strictly back end PHP only; thus negating and skirting around the
visual issues; it is often more fun this way any way!

Jobs such as web service integrations; payment service provider
integrations and similar provide a broad scope and some enjoyable jobs.

Additionally, there are often many good bug fixing and optimisation jobs
that stay well clear of the visual side of output.

I'm sure many will be keen to work with you, I know that I for one do
not view your blindness as a disability when it comes to coding, and I'm
hoping that I'll have the chance to work with you next time a suitable
project arises.

Many Regards,


Parham Doustdar wrote:
> Hello there,
> I am a blind, Iranian web developer. I have worked with PHP for about a 
> year, and have created websites for clients who, due to their close bonds 
> with me (E.G. as a friend, relative, etc) has been able to walk through 
> every step of the website design stages with me (E.G. placement of 
> navigation menu, footers, headers, content, etc). I considered myself a 
> beginner, stepping towards the stage marked "intermediate". Today, though, 
> my idea of where I stand made a jarring change.
> I took a look at websites offering freelance jobs, namely 
> http://www.freelancer.com and http://www.project4hire.com. I saw instantly 
> that what a client expects of me is to just "get it right", meaning, don't 
> call them and ask where should everything be, what color it should be, etc, 
> etc. Realizing that I am far behind due to my blindness, and dismayed, I 
> contacted my other blind friends that have done web development. I have been 
> offered one solution that has always worked: find partner(s).
> I thought long and hard on this, trying to find out a place I could reach to 
> other fellow web developers, and in the end of the day, I came up with the 
> PHP.general mailing list that has always helped me in the past.
> So, in the end, here is my question. Is anyone willing to work with an 
> Iranian PHP developer that has experience with cooperative development 
> tools, enthusiasm towards groupwork, is a fast-learner (meaning is willing 
> to read documentations, ask questions, etc), and has good 
> writing/reading/speaking knowledge, and is completely blind? If so, would 
> you be kind as to email me off-list?
> Thank you,
> Parham Doustdar
> P.S.: Please, if this is off-topic, do not shout at me. I tried going to 
> http://news.php.net to find any rules regarding what is and isn't allowed on 
> the list, but found none. This is of course my shortcoming, but I prefer 
> being contacted off-list, rather than being bombarded by messages that read, 
> "read the rules" or "just fucking google it"; believe me, I have tried.
> Thank you once again, and sorry for the long email. 

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