Hello all,

I wanted to pass the word about our PHP Training Course to those of you 
on this list.

Our most recent class, in June, was quite successful - our participants 
came away with a
solid grounding in PHP, and those who were already familiar with PHP 
learned new techniques
and concepts.

Anyone who is interested in attending our next class, October 1-5, 2001, 
should visit our
website and/or contact me for more information.  Our class is located in 
Ypsilanti, Michigan,
just outide Ann Arbor (15 minutes from airport, 40 minutes outside Detroit).

This is 'hands-on' - each student gets their own workstation,  and the 
class is limited to
14 students.  We have a minimum of 2 instructors on hand at all times 
(often 3),
 to maximize personal attention and interaction.  The course is 5 days, 
8 hours each day -
you *will* learn a lot.

I already know that some reading this will object to its 'commercial' 
nature, and I apologize
if I've offended any sensibilities.  However, we view this as an 
opportunity to help 'legitimize'
PHP in some way to those organizations that may view lack of 'formal' 
training as an obstacle to
corporate acceptance.  

More info can be found at http://www.tapinternet.com/php/

Thanks for your time!

Michael Kimsal
Director, Tap Internet
1-866-745-3660 (toll free in US)

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