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> From: Auto-Deppe C. Hänsel
> > since I am driving 2 hrs each day listening to either my
> > radio or the songs
> > on my USB drive, I was wondering whether there are some
> > web dev related
> > audio books for download out there.
> I have only one recommendation. DON'T DO IT!
> Driving a vehicle on public highways is dangerous enough without any
> distractions. You don't want to complicate it by adding a task that tempts
you to
> focus on something other than the road, signals and other traffic. That is
a good
> way to cause accidents.
> Bob McConnell
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Hi Bob,

thanks for your advide, I understand your concern. I honestly do.

Let me show you quickly the route I am driving every day:

In the morning, it is SO boring.... I leave home at 5:30am, so not much
traffic going on.

In the afternoon, there is no way of driving fast enough to cause an
accident *haha*

Seriously though: I am always listening to audio books or the radio... but I
do focus on the traffic rather than the audio. Believe me, I understand your
concern. But still: I want audio books :o))


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