On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 09:17, Ed Peddycoart wrote:
> I am in need of a mail form script which has the subject line filled in
> for the user....Here's what I mean....
> Let's say I have a webpage.
> On the web page is a picture of a truck, maybe a 1999 Ford F150.
> If the user clicks the pic, he/she is taken to a brief description of
> the truck.
> On the description page is a button which says "email for more info".
> If the user clicks this button he/she is taken to a page which is a
> mail form, with the subject being something like, "Requesting
> information on 1999 Ford F150"
> I guess what you could say, in a way, is that I want to have a mail
> form, with the subject set according to where the user is coming
> from...sort of, I guess...
> Can anyone point me to some example code on how to do this?  Or an
> archive of php mailform scripts?
> Thanks,
> Ed

Sounds like you are using a form to allow a submit button - so you could 
add a hidden field containing the subject?

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME=subject VALUE="Your inquiry about a Kenworth">
<INPUT TYPE=submit NAME=summit VALUE="email for more info">

And no PHP to be seen :-)

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