Hello PHPers,

I've been doing the programming thing for about 10 years now: amateur
side gigs turned into ten years pretty fast.  I think i have a fairly
strong sense of object oriented design, data modeling, etc...  However,
sometimes I wish I had a stronger academic understanding of the design /
planning phase of new systems.  Then I could be absolutely certain my
design is correct before investing mega $ and time into the
implementation phase.  I think I'd save myself a lot of time and
frustration if I could improve my designs before I started
coding...obvious right?

Well, i've read the wikis, the forums, the blogs, etc...  I think i need
a text book.  I'm looking for an OO design methodology recommendations
which focuses on churning out reuseable / flexible deliverables.

I'm not afraid of getting all academic about it either.  It is about
time I really got down into the nitty gritty of "proper" OO design methods.

I'd appreciate any recommendations as for improving my OO design


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