hey, i did not fake that cc header on my last mail. i just hit
reply-all and added php-general because i find it significant for this
list too..

and guys, i'm very very sorry to have ever used "walk over to
you"-language against fellow programmers,

i'll try to refrain from such behaviour in the future, but i was very
stressed already that week.
and i have reason to fear more stress in coming weeks, but i'll be fine..

anyways, i wont be techposting for a while i think. mediabeez.ws will
stay offline for months maybe 8 months even...

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Am Freitag, 2. April 2010 02:14:15 wrote schultz.patr...@gmail.com:
> I would also be interested; I currently write software for RIS/PACS
> machines.
> Is there a website with more information?
> Regards,
> Patrick Schultz
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> Hi Sasha,
> On Thu, 2010-04-01 at 23:32 +0200, Sascha 'saigkill' Manns wrote:
> > Hello Mates,
> >
> > warm Greetings from the openSUSE Community.
> > We all knowing that we have a lack of Software from Medical needs
> > (Medicine Doctors or Clinics).
> > So we (the openSUSE, Fedora and Debian Developers) have founded an
> > Special Task Force for building new Packages with Medical needs. We
> > trying to share our Experience and Patches.
> > So we are pleased to invite the Ubuntu Project, to be a part of
> > this Task Force.
> > If you're an Packager or interested in learning that, you're
> > welcome. Please answer to this List.
> I have no knowledge in packaging but I would be very interested to
> learn and to be part of this task force. I have experience working
> with the NHS in the UK, hence the interest. I'm not sure that's any
> help though :-)

First of all we have created an distro specific Subproject:

opensuse-medical (subscribe opensuse-medical+subscr...@opensuse.org)
fedora-medical (subscribe
debian-med (subscribe http://lists.debian.org/debian-med/)

All from the Task Force has subscribed all that Mailinglists.

Maybe it is possible to create an Medical Subproject in Ubuntu with an
own Maillinglist.

Have a nice day :-)

Sincerely yours

Sascha Manns
openSUSE Community & Support Agent
openSUSE Marketing Team

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