thank you for response, more in you text:

Instead of ssh, you could use telnet to connect to the Cisco router
(which incidentally runs on port 23, but is likely to be disabled on

I want to use my script against FreeBSD router and against RouterOS so I need 
ssh. I can use system function to call ssh command, but I can try it over php 

Or if you do not like the idea of sending clear-text passwords to the
router, you might want to learn about proc_open() (or popen()) and use
the native ssh utility that most likely is present on the server,
taking great care to READ THE MANUAL for the ssh command, because you
most likely do _not_ want it to spit out ANSI-escapes to you script.

It will be probably better way than system function. If I fail with using 
sockets I use this. Thank you very much.


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