I found lot of poeple having matters with chars over 1 byte, so I've
published that : http://www.phpcs.com/codes/ENCODAGE-UTF16_51501.aspx

If you take a look, give me a feedback please (to a...@apieum.com)


Le 05/04/2010 17:08, sudhir patil a écrit :
> Thanks Nathan,
> i tried with utf8_encode, that doesn't help. Yes both content-type & metatag 
> are set to utf-8.
> When i try utf-8 converted csv everything shows up properly. Issue is when i 
> try to change encoding in php, special characters are messed up.
> Character that i am facing problem with is
> ’ ’ ’ right single quotation mark 
> Thanks,
> Sudhir

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