Hello Chris,

Here's a link: http://pages.intnet.mu/nadim/php/image.upload.txt

The code is minimal. Things I would like to add:

- resize transparent gifs
- resize animated gifs

Time doesn't permit me, unfortunately :-(


Nadim Attari

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Sweet deal.
Thanks Nadim. I think I got my script to work finally, but if it
proves to be a no-go.
I will definately take a look. Thanks for sharing.



On Apr 6, 2010, at 3:29 AM, Nadim Attari wrote:

Hello Karl,

Use the attached code i wrote myelf for my projects. You can upload
and create images of other sizes.

Hope it will be easy to use. Ese if you need help, come on MSN (my
email address)

Note that you will have to implement the watermark part - i'm
providing you the upload and create codes only.


nadim attari
mauritius (indian ocean)
Hello Nadim,

would you mind sharing this script with me / us, too? I'd love to have a
look at it, if you don't mind :o)

All the best


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