On Tue, 2010-04-06 at 21:44 -0500, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:

> When I have an imagecreatetruecolor and I create another one and use  
> imagecopymerge, how do I keep the backgrounds transparent even if say  
> the width of the top image is smaller than the back image?
> I keep getting a black background where the top image does not cover  
> the back. It sets the transparency to the rest of the top image as  
> long as it is covering the bottom one. I think it has to do with the  
> imagealphablending.
> Any ideas?
> Karl DeSaulniers
> Design Drumm
> http://designdrumm.com

If it's just that the images are different sizes, then imagecopyresample
might be the better option.


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