I am running with an issue with remote filesystems (mounted via NFS)
and PHP's stat() / filemtime().

Sometimes when the remote filesystem (NFS share) is busy, my PHP
daemon just hangs forever on a filemtime() call to a file inside this
FS. I failed to find a proper way of setting a timeout for that kind
of operation. Everything I can think of is related to remote files
(URLs) and/or content operations (read/write). Streams for example,
don't even have any options for "local" files and
"default_socket_timeout" directive is applicable only for sockets.

I could fork my daemon just to do a stat() call and control the
running time (timeout) inside the parent process, but I usually stat
60 files / second, so that would be a lot of forking. I prefer to go
another way. anyone has a clue ?

PS: I appreciate if replies go CC'ed to me


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