>> Hi List,


>> The other day, I read an article that mentioned about a tool that would

>> permit to simulate a web environment for PHP, so that testing could be

>> before uploading the page on the server. Unfortunately, I don't seem to

>> the article again.


>> So here am I with this question: What should I need to set my test

>> environment? I'm working on Windows, but I'm all ears for solution on

>> systems.


>> Best Regards,

>> Bastien



A couple of IDEs have web servers built in (NuSphere PhpED is the only one I
can remember at the moment) which can generally be used to preview your
applications offline, although you might struggle to get it running if it
requires a database connection, depending on your hosting config (my hosting
will only allow local connections to the DB). 


Alternatively, something like EasyPHP http://www.easyphp.org/ makes it very
easy to get a LAMP server set-up going on your machine, so you could drop
your app into the www folder and navigate to localhost on your web browser
to view it. Stick some dummy data in the db and you have a fully functional
version of your app running on your machine.

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